If her adjusted gross income (all from wages) for the year is $18,500, calculate Clarita’s child and dependent care credit for 2016
January 3, 2018
Laura’s employer withheld $3,300 in state income tax from her salary
January 3, 2018

Planning and strategic input

Planning and strategic input


Company X is a department Store with 100outlets, selling a wide range of household and clothing products. Traditionally they have used Press advertising to drive awareness and footfall.  In store activity has allowed them to develop a database of 250,000 customers. This database is fully marketing permissioned for all email, phone and postal channels.  The store has a no cost loyalty card which it can use to supply customer offers. Average product spend on the card per visit is £70. Gross profit per customer is 20%.  80% of its marketing database have a card and of these, a further 60% are active users.   They currently have approximately 200,000 customers per week over the 100 stores.  Each customer visits the store an average of once a month. They currently have a good direct sell website that can capture enquiries and shoppers and their own email platform.

They have a recruitment budget of £250K to gain new customers using the Loyalty card as the principal campaign hook. They would like to see an integrated campaign to drive new customers into the store over the autumn months.

Requirement – is a short proposal indicating channels/media you would suggest and how you would allocate budget? We want to see which channels would you consider/reject/select and why, and some high level mechanics of the campaign.

Once you have decided upon your campaign structure, please create a top-line budget allocation and calculate Return on Investment for your proposal.  The budget must detail estimates for all aspects of the campaign; Agency, Media and Production costs.

Question 2- Presentation and interpretation of Analysis

a. Below is a cross tab of customer counts based on total spend and year last bought.

Please summarise the learning’s to be found within this data and then recommend a communication plan for the customers. All customers are permissioned and have mailing and email addresses available.

 Up to £2,000£2k-£4k£4k-£6k£6k-£8k£8k- £10k£10k- £12.5k£12.5k- £15k£15k-£20kOver £20kTotal

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