Plan treatment to meet the needs of a selected service user …

1 – Describe your role in providing a clean and safe environment for children in an early childhood education and care service.2- How do you recognise and respond to the signs and symptoms of illness in children, including anaphylaxis and asthma?3-Describe how you plan and provide healthy food and drinks for children, and the principles that guide this.4- Describe the strategies you have used to minimise risks in an early childhood education and care service5- Describe the procedures for responding to an emergency situation in an early childhood education and care service6- Can you give some examples of how you have worked with individuals and work groups to achieve the objectives of an early childhood education and care service?7- Describe the various legal and ethical frameworks that are relevant to early childhood education and care, and how these apply to your work in an early childhood education and care service.8 – Describe the learning framework that applies in the early childhood education and care service where you work, and explain your role in implementing the framework.9 – Give examples of your involvement in pedagogical practices in the early childhood education and care service where you work.10- Give examples of the work practices you have implemented to protect children and young people at risk, including the legal and organisational basis for the work practices.11- Describe how you have interacted with children to support their holistic development and learning in childcare centres12- Describe the basic principles of early childhood development, and some possible outcomes from poor physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communication development.13 – Describe the importance of play and physical activity to a child’s development, and how you have supported children’s play, learning and physical activity14 – Describe how you observe, record and analyse children’s behaviour15 – Describe how you have used positive support techniques to guide the behaviour of children and young people16 – Describe the importance of predictable and meaningful care routines for babies and children, and the impact that changes to these routines can have17 – Describe how you have assessed and responded to the needs of babies and toddlers18 – Describe the various methods you have used to develop nurturing and securely attached relationships with babies and toddlers.19 – Describe how you have supported the learning of babies and toddlers in an early childhood education and care service.20 – Describe how you provided appropriate physical care for children in an early childhood education and care service.21 – Describe your own sense of cultural identity, including any biases that might relate to cultural identity and diversity.22 – Describe the impact of colonisation, historical events and issues on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people23 – Describe what you do (or have done) to support children and families’ cross-cultural relationships in an early childhood education and care service and community.24 – Give examples of how you embed diversity and inclusion into your daily work practices, and how you support children’s cultural identity. Plagiarism Free Papers
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