Physics homework help

1. What does LASER Stand for?
2. To discuss how lasers work
Assignment: Write a short description of how Lasers work.
3. describe the Phet Laser simulator
4. To look at applications of lasers
Assignment: Describe the applications of lasers
a. Medicine – Operations
b. Ophthalmology – Optometry
c.  Astronomy – Adaptive Optics
d. Surveying
e. Communications
f.  Industry – Robots with lasers – Welding, etc.
g. defense
5.  Watch the following videos and write a short summary about each video
How Lasers Work
How a Laser Works

Defense applications

1 Minute 35 seconds

Photoelectric Effect
4 Minutes

Photoelectrci Effect Simulator
14 Minutes

Photoelectric Effect 6 Minutes

Photoelectric Effect 3 Minutes

How Lasers Work
Laser Simulator

Einstein – Lasers

Lasers explained Parts one and two

The Ruby Laser

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