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I will pay for the following article Integration Testing and Systems Testing. The work is to be 18 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The Integration and System testing activities are carried out after the “integrate” stage of this lifecycle before the “launch” stage. Integration testing is carried out based on the architectural knowledge of the entire system comprising of multiple components that interact with each other to deliver the desired functionalities of the system. Integration testing essentially is carried out after all the components (units are tested individually) and found to be compliant to the test plans. Integration test plans are focused on the behavior of these components in the collaborative environment where the components interface with each other.&nbsp. The testing is carried out to test three elements – data elements, processing elements, and connecting elements. The data elements comprise of the information that shall be used & transformed, the processing elements perform transformations on the data elements and the connecting elements perform communications among the different components (pieces of architecture) together. [Bertolino and Inverardi et al. 2002] The next step after integration testing is System Testing that essentially is an end to end testing of the entire system using analytics & artifacts like detailed UML diagrams, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, collaboration diagrams etc. in which all components are expected to perform as per the functional specifications of the system. System testing also involves regression testing & stress testing (load testing) of the entire system environment on the test bed. [Briand, Lionel and Labiche, Yvan. 2002] System integration testing and system testing means completely different things to different companies. System and integration testing is the time to verify systems, subsystems and validate component interoperability, adherence to design constraints and the correct processing of all potential exception conditions. The interaction between integration testing and system testing is very imported relating to verifying systems and sub-systems of a project. Systems test engineers today are designing and testing models to solve integration and system testing problems.
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