Philosophy homework help

Describe your ethical practice and how it influences safe client care, client education, and protection of health care information.Part 1After reviewing the model, write 2-3 page essay of your own ethical practice. It must include 3 peer reviewed nursing journals references. In your assessment, address the following:Identify Ethical Model criteriaDiscuss Ethical Model impact on nursing decision makingExplain why nursing fails to follow ethical practice of PHI protectionDiscuss how one’s own moral values have impact on protection of PHIDiscuss the goals of ethical decision makingPart 2After conducting your personal ethical practice assessment, write a 1 page essay on how your ethical practice compares to the Ethical Model of Decision Making, and be sure to address the following:Does your personal ethical practice assessment align with the Ethical Model for Decision Making? Why or Why Not?What would you add to the Ethical Model of Decision Making Model?Be sure to proofread paper and eliminate all spelling and grammar errors
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