Performance report

Critically assess the status of your term project when it has reached a milestone during execution. Adhering to the practice of able project managers, analyze and understand the status of your project.

Introduce your term project to refresh the memory of the readers of this post.
Suppose you and your team members have just accomplished a major project milestone. As a project manager, you will be required to prepare a project performance report at the current stage of project execution. This report will be presented to the project steering committee, who will critically review your project performance. Please prepare the report in the context of your proposed project. You may refer to Figure 8-16 Sample Performance Report on pages 310 to 311 of the textbook.
Describe the work completed when your project has reached the current major milestone.
Research and list with justification what has worked well until this point in your project execution.
Explain with reasoning any impediments faced or anticipated in the execution of your project.
Propose resolutions for the above impediments to facilitate continued progress of your project.
Explain the effect of the above impediments on your project’s estimated cost and time. Please discuss in the context of the WBS or Gantt chart you created during Modules 3 and 4 of this course.
Calculate the project’s current estimate at completion (EAC, which may require you to make some assumptions) and the new estimated time to complete. The values used to calculate should be based on your project’s initial projections as well as on the situations that are impacting its progress.
Finally, in a reflection of at least 30 words, describe the most interesting and challenging parts of preparing for this discussion post, as well as any recommendations to your classmates for effectively monitoring and improving the odds of keeping the project under control.

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