Payton is a 12-year-old girl. She lives with her two parents…

Hi there I am attaching this section I am struggling with and below the instructions my hypothesis and thesis.I’m unsure what the design and method should be.I was thinking the appropriate method of research would be cross-sectional survey design through the internet.MethodsExplain the research design and method you selected, and justify why they are appropriate for your research. [Here you should describe your research method and explain why you have chosen this method. Please refer to chapter 2 in the APA Manual to learn how to properly divide the method section into subsections.]Introduction: HypothesisSeniors who are pet owners during times of isolation will experience positive biopsychosocial benefits. Given the literature I have reviewed, this hypothesis is in alignment with the research presenting emotional, physical, and social positive impacts for elderly pet owners enduring a time of isolation. The pandemic had a profound effect among all generations including the vulnerable older generation living with pets, revealing significant implications for healthier well-being. Numerous studies have addressed the biopsychosocial implications of the human-animal bond for seniors with pets. Emotionally, the connection made between an owner and their pet has been shown to provide love, companionship, and a feeling of security which in addition to reducing loneliness and depression, nurtures a sense of purpose (Kane, 2021). Physically, in addition to encouraging physical activity which reduces chronic disease, tactile stimulation has been found to improve circulation and the reduction of some pains for the aged (Kane, 2021). Socially, companionship as well as opportunities for positive engage with community have been found (Kane, 2021). Further, senior pet owners have been shown to be cognitively stimulated through engagement with the pets, including improving memory and problem-solving skill (Kane, 2021). In the article Dog walking and the social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on loneliness in older adults, a study of 466 Floridian participants in their senior years revealed an increase in physical and mental health for those dog owners who regular took their dogs outside with consideration for those pet owners who were either unable to walk their dogs due to particular circumstances or challenges (Carr et al., 2021). Additionally, in the study Advancing human-animal interaction to counter social isolation and loneliness in the time of covid-19: A model for an interdisciplinary public health consortium, survey research results revealed a relationship between loneliness as a health crisis for seniors and the ways relationships with animals positively influence well-being (Hughes et al., 2021)The Given these findings, under the lens of geriatric psychology pet ownership can improve the quality of seniors lives and it is important to consider the potential benefits of pet ownership for the elderly during periods of isolation. Plagiarism Free Papers
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