Part of an ESL/bilingual specialist’s role is to serve as a …

Part of an ESL/bilingual specialist’s role is to serve as a …

Assessment Description
Part of an ESL/bilingual specialist’s role is to serve as a resource for ELL instruction and support other educators and school staff. Helping to shift deficit-based thinking to asset-based, is a way to offer such support. By guiding others to an asset-based mindset, the ultimate goal is positive outcomes for the language development and academic learning of ELLs.
Create a two-page handout for teachers working with ELLs promoting an asset-based approach. Include the following in your handout:

Describe the differences between an asset-based and deficit-based approach when working with ELLs.
Explain the benefits of an asset-based approach in working with ELLs and their families.
Provide at least one example of an asset that an ELL might possess for each of the following areas: linguistic, cultural, experiential, and social-emotional.
Discuss two strategies for utilizing the cultural and linguistic assets of ELL families.
Describe five instructional strategies to leverage the various assets of ELLs.

Support your handout with a minimum of three scholarly resources. Plagiarism Free Papers
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