Part 1 Write a Weekly activity Plan on Transportation for pr…

Part 1

Write a Weekly activity Plan on Transportation for preschoolers
state two measureable objectives for that weekly plan

Part 2
Write a comprehensive daily lesson plan on Road safety  in a Grenada West Indies  setting for preschoolers.The following are related objectives and requirements for this plan:

Cater for a multicultural student
Give reasons for every thing you do in the lesson plan
State whether it is a small or whole group activity
describe the central principle of early childhood education learning through play
explore a variety of developmental and culturally appropriate curriculum and teaching techniques
Use active learning approaches such as Theme Approach and Project Approach to organise learning activities
Apply the skills needed for planning curriculum
Demonstrate an understanding of planning developmentally curriculum for children from 3 to 5 years
prepare instructional materials that promote children’s through play
show awareness and appreciation of the use of appropriate learning activities that facilitates the holistic development of young children including those with special needs.
students daily plan should have measureable objectives, needed materials and how the children use them, follow up activities
 state context of lesson,how to introduce the lesson and the antecedents necessary for the group and how will the children be involved and the children responses
state any problems, solutions for next time and implication for other activities

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