Parent Guide

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW4 REFERENCESZERO PLAGIARISMFeeding, eating, and elimination disorders can be difficult to detect and treat. Parents need education and information to determine if their infant, child, or adolescent may have these types of disorders. A Parent Guide can be a useful tool to help both the clinician and the parent in understanding the child or adolescent and providing behavioral strategies for helping families work with these disorders. For this Discussion, you will be assigned a feeding, eating, or elimination disorder.In this Discussion, you work with your group again to develop a Parent Guide for your assigned feeding, eating, or elimination disorder.Learning ObjectivesStudents will:Analyze signs and symptoms of feeding, eating, and elimination disordersAnalyze pathophysiology of feeding, eating, and elimination disordersAnalyze diagnosis and treatment methods for feeding, eating, and elimination disordersCreate professional cover letters, resumes, and portfoliosTo Prepare for this Assignment:Your Instructor will assign you to a group and a disorder by Day 1 of Week 2.Review the resources concerning your assigned disorder.Use your group’s Discussion Board to design and develop the Parent Guide before posting to the group wiki. For further guidance, refer to the Accessing Group Discussions instructions below.Using evidence-based research, design and develop a Parent Guide for your assigned disorder including:Signs and symptomsPathophysiologyHow the disorder is diagnosedTreatment options
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