Parent-Child Program Paper

Parent-Child Program Paper

In this term paper, you will thoroughly research an intervention program that is designed to support parent-child relations. After you choose the intervention program you wish to examine (from the list provided below), you will describe the development of the program, and then review the scientific research literature that evaluates the program. Based on this information, you will provide your own unique evaluation of the program and its strengths and weaknesses.

The paper should be no more than seven (7) double-spaced pages (approximately 2100 words) and will include an introduction, description of the program and its history, a brief review of the research evidence for the program, your personal evaluation of the program, and a conclusion. Please see the Specific Instructions below for details regarding the content of each section.

The paper should be clear, well-organized and error-free, and should include references both as in-text citations and listed in a references page. Please see the APA format instructions below for examples of proper citations and reference page. A Summary of all of the required sections of your paper is provided below, including how many points are assigned to each section. The specific grading criteria are described in the grading rubric.

Specific Instructions:

1. Choose the program. You will write your paper on the parent-child program of your choice, selected from the list below. If you would like to choose a program that is not on the list, please contact the instructor for approval before beginning the assignment.

Program list

Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up       Multidimensional Family Therapy

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy                Nurse-Family Partnership

Childhaven Childhood Trauma Treatment     Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Early Head Start                                             Parent-Child Psychotherapy

Families First                                                  Parenting with Love and Limits

Functional Family Therapy                             Safe Environment for Every Kid

Head Start                                                       The Incredible Years

Healthy Families America                              Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Homebuilders                                                  Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Kids in Transition to School                           Tuning in to Kids

2. Conduct a literature search. After you have chosen the parent-child program, you will conduct a literature search to gather scientific articles that describe the program, its history, and how well it works. The articles should be from academic-based, scientific articles from peer-reviewed scholarly sources. By “scholarly sources,” I mean journals that utilize peer-review and publish the results of original research. News magazines (e.g., Time magazine), popular press sources (e.g., Parents magazine), and books (even if scholarly), are NOT appropriate for this assignment. You may NOT use Wikipedia or other websites for this assignment. Although some websites may provide information about the program, many of these are not fact-checked and are not appropriate for a research paper. Good strategies for limiting your literature search to only scientific articles include using PsycInfo (available from the WSU library: Resource Tutorials (you will need to log in using your WSU account and password), or Google Scholar (note that this is NOT the same as the regular Google search engine). For this assignment, you should identify and read at least six (6) scientific articles from peer-reviewed sources.

3. Describe the program. For this assignment, you are looking for two types of peer-reviewed articles. First, you want to locate articles that describe the program you chose. Using these articles, you will write a description of the program, including what is included in the program, who the program serves, and how much the program costs. You will also describe the history of the program and describe when it was created, why it was created, and by whom.

4. Evaluate the scientific studies. The second set of articles may include some of the ones who used to describe the program in #3 above, or they may be a completely new set. You will use these articles to describe any scientific research that has been conducted to determine how well the program works. For instance, a study may randomly assign some people to receive the program, while other people do not, and then compare the two groups. Your goal is to summarize what all of these studies conclude about the program – does it work? Does it work the same for everyone? From these studies, you should evaluate the evidence for or against the program yourself. What do you identify as the program’s strengths and weaknesses? Is there anything about the program that has not yet been evaluated? Would you personally recommend the use of the program?

5. Write a conclusion. The last section of your term paper is a conclusion in which you provide a brief summary of what you have covered in the rest of the paper. Note that this should be a separate section (at least one full paragraph), with its own subheading (e.g., “Overall Conclusions”). Your summary should end on strong closing statement that wraps everything up.

6. Additional Information about APA format:

  1. Extra pages: Include a separate cover page and reference page. The cover page must include your name, student ID, course name and number, semester and year, and a title. The reference page should list all sources used in your paper, including any course materials). Citations should be written in APA format with a hanging indent, as in this example:

Ansari, A., & Purtell, K. (2018). Absenteeism in Head Start and children’s academic learning. Child

Development,89(4), 1088-1098.

  1. Formatting: Assignments must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. Use headings to organize your paper.

7. Plagiarism: I expect all students to know the WSU policy on academic integrity in addition to class policies. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you use a direct quote you must cite (Author, Year, Page Number), though I prefer that you paraphrase the information in your own words and avoid the use of direct quotes. Your papers will be automatically scanned for plagiarism using Safe Assign. You will be able to review the report after submitting your paper. You will lose ½ point for every 1% of plagiarism detected. I will review the Safe Assign reports. You will not be penalized for any matches on the References page or in-text citations.



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