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Write a 175-to 350-word FAQ document using Microsoft® Word in response to the following:
Scenario One: You are preparing for a new company-wide project to implement cloud technology. In preparation for the project rollout, the VP of Information Technology has asked you to prepare an FAQ document describing cyberspace and its associated complexities for all staff so they understand cyberspace and cloud technology. The U.S.-based company has 100,000 staff members and offices in 100 countries. Your task is to, in the form of an FAQ, provide answers to the following:

What is the definition of cyberspace, and the maritime, space, and physical domains? Provide a concise description of cyberspace, and the maritime, space, and physical domains
How do international laws affect citizens and companies in the U.S.? Please provide an accurate description.
How do political elements within the U.S. affect cybersecurity? Accurately describe how political elements within the U.S. can affect cybersecurity.
Why is cybersecurity so complex in cloud technology? Concisely explain the complexities of cybersecurity in cloud technology.
What advantages can cloud technology offer to businesses? Describe at least two advantages cloud technology can offer businesses

Scenario Two: You have recently been hired as a cybersecurity intern with a medium-size company that has experienced rapid growth. The company supports outreach to the community and has set up a forum to help high school students understand important concepts in security. Your boss has asked you to set up a storyboard that will be used to help the students be able to identify the differences between espionage, intelligence gathering, and cyber warfare. He has also instructed you to help the students understand the physical assets of the cyber domain. If you are successful with the storyboard, your boss plans to turn this into an infomercial.
Develop a 6- to 8-slide/panel storyboard document using Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint®. Your storyboard should:

Accurately depict the differences between espionage, intelligence gathering, and cyber warfare at a level in which high school students can relate.
Accurately describe the influence the military has had on intelligence gathering, cyber warfare, and physical assets.
Provide a complete timeline of a recent incident involving personal privacy, including the nature of the attack, and provide insight into the risks of conducting business in cyberspace.
Enumerate on at least five physical assets of the cyber domain, including an explanation of why you included the assets.
Examine where we are today in the areas of espionage, intelligence gathering, cyber warfare, and physical assets, and offer a prediction of the future given your current perspective.

All references need to adhere to APA guidelines, and images should not be copied unless author permission is obtained or copyright free images are used.

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