paper 4 ethics – My Nursing Experts

paper 4 ethics – My Nursing Experts

Here are five possible scenarios that once might face in their career.
Scenario 1: You work for a company that designs and builds vending machines. Your company has a bit of a problem in that the vending machines are designed so well that service calls, which your company bills for, are rare. In fact, sales representatives are reporting that they cannot sell service contracts as customers so rarely need service. A solution that has been mentioned is designing in a “trap door” in the software so that the vending machines will stop functioning after a certain number of cycles. A service technician can then complete a service call where a switch is reset and the machine is cleaned and inspected. The customer is billed for that service call, increasing revenue for your company.
Scenario 2: You work for a company that designs and manufactures ATMs. The ATMs are of extremely high quality and are recognized as the most reliable in the industry. However, competitors are focused on cost reduction and your company is now being underbid on new orders. A cost reduction team has been established and manufacturing costs have been targeted as a key area for cost reduction. As an example, significant money can be saved just on electrical connectors and terminal blocks by going with a new supplier. You suspect the cheaper parts will not provide the same reliability and safety.
Scenario 3: You work for a company that designs automotive control systems. Recently, a competitor has leapfrogged your company on a key business line with additional features and quality. Your manager hands you one of the competitor’s products and instructs you to copy the design quickly so that additional revenue is not lost.
Scenario 4: You identify a potential software bug in a medical device that could result in serious injury or even death. As you communicate your findings with your managers, you are made aware of just how costly it would be to fix the defect and your company would get a significant amount of bad publicity. Your managers are pointing out that there is no evidence that this defect has ever occurred and the product has been on the market for years.
Scenario 5: You are a senior design engineer for a robotics company. Throughout the years, you have developed a relationship with a sales engineer for a supplier. The sales engineer has provided training to your team and has gone above and beyond in assisting with technical issues in the past. The sales engineer tells you that his job is in jeopardy and if he does not get an upcoming supply contract from your company, he may be out of work. He asks you to take with your purchasing department and tell them of the extra value that this sales engineer provides for your team. You agree to do so, and the sales engineer thanks you and says “I really owe you. If this all works out and we get the contract, I would like to give you a gift card for a vacation so you and your family can enjoy a short weekend trip on me.”
Your paper should have four parts:

The Scenario

Set up the scenario and provide some insight as to why you selected that scenario

IEEE Code of Ethics

How does the IEEE Code of Ethics apply to the scenario?
Be specific and cite specific sections of the IEEE Code of Ethics.

NSPE Code of Ethics

How does the NSPE Code of Ethics apply to the scenario?
Be specific and cite specific sections of the NSPE Code of Ethics.


What is the action that you should take?

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