Paper #1— Reasoning About an Ethical Issue  Topic : Many Af…

 Paper #1— Reasoning About an Ethical Issue  Topic : Many African Americans today struggle with adapting to Predominantly White Institutions (PWI’s) because they feel they’re not seen as “equal” to other individuals on campus. There’s a big division when it comes down to being black and being white. My speech topic will be about the inequality that African Americans face when you look closer PWIs. 
Notes : 
*African Americans feel alienated and hyper visible due to race
*Many African Americans leave college
*African Americans are looked down on because of stereotypes
Essay Picked : Charles Taylor- The Politics of Recognition
Goals: This paper addresses the question of your topic, explains its significance to others, relates it to one or more of the theories we have (or will be) discussing in class, and builds a case for how this problem can be approached. Since this paper will be revised in Paper #2, use it as a springboard for delving into your topic. Why should this topic matter to others? How does this relate to theories of ethics or advocacy? (You can use one of the essays we have already addressed, or you may select one of the theoretical readings from upcoming weeks) 
1. A five (5) page paper addressed to an ethically significant social, political, or cultural issue. Your paper should include a strong thesis statement, an effective introduction, and a solid conclusion. Although this will be later revised, it is expected to resemble a formal, final assignment.
2. Clear and readable text, proper formatting, with attention to spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Please use 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1” margins, and double spacing. 
3. Working from a clear and directed thesis, the paper should 
a) detail the issue in question
b) explain its ethical significance in light of one or two appropriate ethical theories (but no more than two)
c) draw from relevant ethical theories in order to build a case for how the issue can be productively addressed or resolved 
How will you be graded? (75 points total)5 pts—Proper length (5 full pages—anything less is too short and received no points!!)15 pts—Strong thesis, introduction, and conclusion 10 pts—Clear and readable text, proper formatting, and attention to spelling, grammar, and sentence structure 45 pts—Answers to all three of the prompt’s main points (see #3 under “Requirements”)

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