pa 102 proposal – Graduate Paper Help

pa 102 proposal – Graduate Paper Help

Chapter 1 Resources
The first chapter of your Dissertation Proposal is an overview of your study and is a synthesis of the material you include in Chapters 2 and 3.
To complete Chapter 1, you will need to:

Use the Prospectus Template to transfer information into Dissertation Template.
Describe the study topic, its relevance, and social change implications.
Justify the gap in research knowledge.
Justify the research problem.
State the purpose of the study.
Identify research questions.
Justify the theoretical or conceptual framework.
Indicate the nature of the study.

Chapter 2 Resources
This chapter is divided into two equally important parts: the literature review of related research and the framework.
To complete Chapter 2, you will need to:

Analyze research literature in relation to a meaningful and justified gap in research for the PhD dissertation.
Ground dissertation research in a theoretical/conceptual framework related to an identified social-educational problem.

Chapter 3 Resources
In this chapter, you will justify your research design and methodology, as well as the procedures you will follow in conducting the research.
To complete Chapter 3, you will need to:

Determine the approach to research methodology and design for the dissertation.
Identify data sources to answer the research questions.
Demonstrate alignment in research design.
Justify choices and decisions regarding:

Research questions
Sample or participants
Data sources
Data collection
Data analysis plan (to demonstrate alignment and consistency among each element of the study)
Collect data to answer the research questions.
Organize your data.
Report findings of data collection.
Situate research results in the larger body of research literature.
Evaluate research results by presenting the following:

Interpretation of the Findings
Limitations of the Study

Chapter 4 Resources
You have arrived at one of the most exciting parts of your dissertation research, as you implement the months of planning that went into your Dissertation Proposal!
To complete Chapter 4, you will need to:
Chapter 5 Resources
In Chapter 5, you will inform the community of scholars about the new knowledge that your research is contributing to your field and why it is meaningful and significant.
To complete Chapter 5, you will need to:
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