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1. Begin with an APA formatted Title Page: Be sure it includes the course name, your name, your instructor’s name, the institution’s name, and a running head. 2. On the second page, begin with the article title at the top of the page. (This is standard APA format) 3. Next, include a one-page summary of the article. It should be written in your own words. 4. Finally, include your critique. It should address the following three questions: This should be two pages and the majority of your paper. How is this work useful to me as an aspiring counselor? How does this work contribute to the field of counseling? What new research do the authors generate by writing this article? What limitations were found in the current research/study? 5. Include a reference page with your article name, journal title, etc. 6. Your complete article review should be 3-4 pages PLUS the title page and reference page. 7. Poor grammatical construction counts off your final grade. Do not end a sentence with a preposition. Do not use contractions such as don’t etc. in formal writing. 8. Use 1-inch margins, 12-point, Times New Roman font. 9. Your article must be about group counseling. 10. Use only the following journal or kinds of journals: Group Analysis: Journal of Group Analytic Psychotherapy (Sage) Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice (APA) Group Processes & Intergroup Relations (Sage) Groupwork (Whiting & Birch) International Journal of Group Psychotherapy (Guilford) Journal for Specialists in Group Work (Routledge) Journal of Child and Adolescent Group Therapy (Springer. Discontinued in 2001 but back issues available) Journal of Groups in Addiction & Recovery (Routledge) Small Group Research: An International Journal of Theory, Investigation, and Application (Sage) Social Work with Groups (Routledge) Journal of Counseling and Development (preferred and recommended). 11. Any journal that is refereed and is research-oriented may be used. This means that there are references at the end of the article, and there is a study or research on group counseling performed by the author or authors. No other kinds of resources will be accepted. The list above is highly recommended.
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