Opioid Use in Older Adults Paper

Scholarly Paper
Comprise paper focused on the current topics related to Gerontological
a. 7 to 8-page typed double spaced, APA, correct spelling and grammar
b. References must be within 5 years with a minimum of 8 research articles.
c. Paper should include the following outline. You must use the outline topics below (i-vii) as your headings for the paper:
i. Introduction
ii. Description of the problem or issue
iii. Review of literature
iv. Proposed solutions or interventions to the problem
v. Stakeholders
vi. Expected Outcomes
vii. Conclusion
d. Suggested Topics include:
Being older in the United States
Wellness and health promotion
Losses in aging
HIV in elderly
Post Menopausal challenges in older adult women
Explore a theory of aging
Risk reduction
Legal or ethical issues with seniors
Pharmacological issues in older adults
Opioid Use in older adults
Mental illness in older adult
Frailty in older adults
Normal aging changes
Innovation in senior living
Transitional care issues for older adults
End of life Care
Nursing Specialization in Gerontology
Obesity in older adults
Elder abuse

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