Operational Risk management assignment help

Operational Risk Management Video
The following is short 3-minute clip from the 2012 movie Battleship showing the scene where a guy will do anything to bring a chicken burrito to a hot date. Watch this video carefully and maybe several times to identify key elements of Operational Risk Management. The four areas are identified for you below and as you watch this think of yourself as the owner and/or the insurance investigator reviewing the video footage to assess the damages.
Battleship Burrito Scene Movie Clip (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
What to do:
After viewing the following video clip pertaining to Operational Risk Management you’ll be asked to identify at least two of the following items noted below (you can’t use the 1st one it’s already been done for you as an example). To identify means (for you the student) to explain where in the video clip this situations occurred. I have provided a hint for you on the 1st item Identify the Hazard. If you click on the link you will be provided with an example how I answered this as a starting point for you to answer the rest.

Identify the Hazard (00:57, Means of entry into the building. He’s climbing the fence to reach the rooftop for entry into the building). The owner should have something in place to prevent this type of unauthorized access. In doing so it would show the owner was thinking ahead to prevent any vandalism or robbery.
Assess the Hazard (01:05 thru 01:36,
Make Risk Decisions
Implement Controls
Supervise and Evaluate

What NOT to do:

Don’t take about paying for the burrito! That’s not a risk issue! Nice gesture but not an issue.
Don’t use the example I provided as one of yours.
about 3 words

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