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Directions; Read the following study situation carefully. Then, answer the questions below in ESSAY format. Do NOT separate by number. Write in complete sentences.
Malcolm’s reading assignment this week for his sociology class consists of a newspaper article, a journal article that does not contain a summary, an essay, and a short story. The class is studying the changing structure of the family during the twenty-first century.

Describe how Malcolm should preview the newspaper article. What should he be looking for?
Describe how Malcolm should preview the journal article?
What should Malcolm pay attention to in previewing the essay?
The short story was written in 1941 by an American writer. A short story is an unusual assignment in a sociology class. Realizing this, how should Malcolm preview it? What predictions can he make about the story? What should he be looking for as he reads it?
Which assignment is most likely to present comprehension problems? Explain.
How should Malcolm evaluate his comprehension for each reading selection?
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