ODYSSEY A Character Analysis assignment help

JUST FINISH THE SENTENCE FOR YOUR THESIS STATEMENT.Finish your chosen sentence above, by filling in after your choice’s “because.”  Choose something about his/her/their character as you’ve seen in these episodes, that is, characteristics important to the story’s plot and outcome and success as a great story for the ages. “Athena is not the reason Odysseus succeeds, because….she is selfish, petty, and hates him which keeps him from getting home.”
In a less well-written story, characters might be stiff, unreal, 2 dimensional. That’s not true of most of the main characters of The Odyssey, is it? Asking you to do a character analysis is asking you to think critically about what sort of person Homer has created that is so “real” on the page somehow that he all but jumps off it. 
Let’s take Odysseus, the main character, as an example. He isn’t a comic book-like “super-hero.” He makes mistakes, he strays, but in the end, we root for him. We wouldn’t care if Homer hadn’t done his bit of “magic” and made him somehow human, in less-than-human situations. We relate to him. The same can be said for the women in the stories, the only other characters that are treated with 3-dimensions. (Did you notice that?) We see the best and worst of ourselves in such characters.
In fact, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to think of our “hero.” Some of you think he is heroic, some of you don’t.  He seems almost too real–too many failures, too many flaws, too many goofs–doesn’t he?  That’s why it’s easy to debate which he is. 
And what about the women?  Do they get their credit for carrying the bulk of the narrative flow?  They make things happen, don’t they?  Could the story have been told without them?  
Such is the raw material for a good literary paper–you’re exploring an idea from the story, and trying to draw some truth out of it, or prove how it helped make the story a classic, etc. Each main point should back up your thesis with proof through specific details and examples from the story. 
I’ve made it easy for you.  
I’ve given you 4 TOPICS from which to choose that are literally your thesis statements ready for you to finish. Just choose the one more interesting to you.  Then prove it, showing me you have a grasp of citations as I’ve offered in the Works Cited Quick Guide.
So, you tell me:  What part of Odysseus’ character, for example, was most interesting? His flaws? His devotion? His wit, cunning, perseverence, his compassion? His way with women? His way with monsters? His attitude? His brutality? His good vs. evil personal battles? Whatever it is (something else may have just popped into your mind), that should help you choose your TOPIC CHOICE above. 
Homer wanted you to notice that extra dimension of this main character that made him human enough for us to identify with. 
For example, do you find the women/goddesses of the story even more intriguing? I do, too. 
Now you analyze HOW the story creates/proves your TOPIC CHOICE. Try to understand why Homer chose to tell this certain story (or stories) to showcase those certain characteristics of his hero. THESE are what have helped you form YOUR opinion and YOUR CHOICE OF TOPIC ABOVE. Just use them to prove your opinion now! 
DO NOT JUST RE-TELL THE STORY. Remember that your job is to analyze not retell. Each reference must back up a POINT YOU WANT TO MAKE, and then follow it with an analysis of your own about how it is proving your point.
Although you might need to briefly summarize a portion of the storyline, you should avoid retelling the story. Assume that the reader of your paper knows the story as well as you do, although that doesn’t mean you don’t go ahead and mention obvious things, as you might in a debate. You just analyze (make a comment about) it after you mention/quote the event.
And remember: WRITE A VERY SHORT ESSAY. You’re writing only 500-650 words, no more, no less. You’ll be amazed what you learn about your writing when forced to edit yourself…

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