Nursing  Registered Nurses In Primary Care Grant (RNPC)

1ST ASSIGNMENT – Nursing on COVID’s Front Lines – Webinar: the webinar and respond to the questions below:-If you were a practising nurse, how would you apply the knowledge you acquired from this learning activity?-How does the content of the learning activity relate to the primary care mission?-What did you learn that you may not have known prior to participating in this activity?2ND ASSIGNMENT – Spring 2021 Wrap-Up ReflectionTo wrap up this semester, simply answer the following reflective questions in D2L:-After participating in spring 2021 learning activities, has your viewpoint on nursing changed? Please explain your answer.-How have these webinars prepared you for another year as a nursing student or a future career in nursing if you’re graduating?-Do you have suggestions for topics you feel we should cover in the future? Please explain.
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