Nursing  Professional Nursing Skill 2

Student will develop a power-point presentation on endotracheal tube care and tracheostomy care; this presentation will include the different between Closed (in-line) suctioning and sterile suctioning of a tracheostomy tube.Use the ATI: Skills Airway Management Step by Step Videos to develop this presentationSlide 1 – TitleSlide 2- 3 – the required steps on how to properly care for an endotracheal tube (2 – 3 pictures)Slide 4 – 6 – the required steps on how to properly care for a tracheostomy tube, do not include how to sterile suction on these slides because you will discuss this on your next slides (2 – 3 pictures)Slide 7 – 8 – the different between Close (in-line suctioning) and sterile suctioning of a tracheostomy tube (2 – 3 pictures)
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