Nursing  Professional advocacy

e: Topic 5 DQ 1Professional nursing organizations are organizations that are formed by nurses. These organizations support the field of nursing by creating an organized forum for nurses to come together and have a united and large front. With a large front, nurses together are able to create change in the profession on both the legal and policy level. Nursing organizations also enhance competency levels as well as educational opportunities. (Nursing Organizations: The Role they Play in Professional Development, 2019) Nursing organizations encourage their members to use evidence based practice in their chosen specialty of nursing. (Nursing Organizations: The Role they Play in Professional Development, 2019).As a member of a nursing organization, nurses stand a chance to network and improve their career goals. Practice changes and new evidence-based practices are encouraged by the organizations. During conferences, nurses are able to network with other nurses across the country. Career goals can be better achieved when a graduate nurse joins a nursing organization such as the ANA. With the contacts made, it is easy to get job opportunities in different parts of the country.It is also an opportunity for nurses to impact the profession on a national level. With the power of the nursing organization such as the ANA, nurses are able to advocate for patients (Nursing Organizations: The Role they Play in Professional Development, 2019)and other nurses as well as practice activism when necessary to create change. Activism has been known to impact areas of nursing such as nurse-to-patient ratios or other working conditions. These issues also impact patient care and nurse burn out. These nursing organizations also help nurses with emotional issues such as stress, burn-out and other issues that nurses encounter during the course of their nursing career. New graduate nurses should join a nursing organization such as the ANA that is generalized or one in their area of specialty.ReferencesNursing Organizations: The Role they Play in Professional Development. (2019). Retrieved from AMN HEALTHCARE: the above student’s post by using 200 to 300 words by supporting in discussion using APA FORMAT With referencesReply  |  Quote & ReplyPrevious  |  Next© 2021 BNED LoudCloud LLCTerms & Conditions |Privacy Policy |Tech Support[ Ver: 7.3 ]BookmarksE-mail -Mar 25, 2021 11:52:21 AM Mountain Standard TimeContent loaded successfullyBy using our website,you agree to the use of cookies by us and third parties to enhance your experience. View
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