Nursing  Nutritional Care Plan

For this project, you will identify a case study and then develop a nutritional care plan for the client associated with that case.  Please read this entire document to gain understanding of the project scope and those tasks you will complete.Task 1:a.  Choose from one of the following stages: pregnancy, infancy and childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.b.  List the specific nutrition issues affecting individuals in your selected stage.Task 2:a.  Choose a disease or medical condition that could possibly, or commonly, affect your individual.  This could be anything ranging from diabetes to cirrhosis.b.  Using the ABCDs of nutritional assessment, create a case study based on an actual client or patient.  You can also make one up.  Include the following in your case study:(i).  Anthropometrics, relevant biochemical tests, clinical assessment, and dietary intake analysis.c.  Be sure to include a list of common medications that may be used to treat your patient’s condition and identify potential herb/nutrient/drug interactions that may be relevant.d.  Identify your client’s cultural background and give clues as to their socioeconomic status and psychosocial variables.  For example, yourpatient may be a senior living alone on a fixed income or might be living ina nursing facility with reputed staff.Task 3:a. Create a nutritional care plan for your client. This will include anevaluation of nutritional risk, a list of interventions, and a list of expectedoutcomes.b. List the goals of medical nutrition therapy for your patient and suggest anappropriate diet. Does your patient/client require a dietary modification oftheir regular diet? Are enteral feedings by tube necessary? If so, whatformula will you use and why? Describe your recommended method ofadministration.Task 4:a. Describe your nutrition education teaching session with your patientand/or their family. What teaching methods will you use (explanation,discussion, demonstration, handouts, etc.)? In your own words, write aparagraph detailing three specific points that you will need to teach yourpatient about his/her new diet. In addition, give at least one tip to avoidpotential herb/nutrient/drug interactions.
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