Nursing  Nursing Project

Click on the Healthy People 2030 link below  (disregard 2020) – click the link to choose an objective: Healthy People 2030 objective chosen by you2. List the problem addressed in the chosen objective3. List the epidemiology, Incidence, Prevalence, and cost-burden of the problem4. Description of specific population or problem5. Discuss how the policy is intended to improve the specific population6. List the specific legislators involved with/working on the problem and policy development related to the problem7. Discuss how the policy influences clinical practice and is used to promote best outcomes8. Examine how the policy can be used by the inter-professional team to improve the problem9. List 3 credible resources with 1 peer-reviewed articleYour outline should include headers of each of the above requirements and a brief summary of the articles you will use.Work on developing your writing skills using APA 7TH ed formatting.
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