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Please present a self-selected topic relevant tooutcomes 1, 2 or 31.Describe the conceptual basis for leadership theory and management function in relationship to the role of the nurse leader.2. Analyze the relationship of organizational structure, mission, vision, philosophy, and values to the provision of evidenced-based practice within a healthcare organization.3. Apply leadership concepts, critical thinking and decision making in addressing patient quality and safety issues.Utilizing a power point format. The Power point (PPT) presentation should be designed to promote peer discussion and provide atleast four references other than the course text book. The PPT presentation should be in A.P.A. format, length between15-20 slides, excluding title page, tables and references.Examples of self-selected topics of interest include infection control, skin care, fall prevention, patient assessments and patient education etc. The self-selected topic should be discussed  within the context of the chosen course outcome as a PPT presentation. The student should use the outcomes as a guide for the self-selected topic. Do not simply describe the concepts in the outcomes but as a guide to help find answer(s) to the self-selected topic.
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