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Module 1 Discussion: HPMPReview theHPMP Orientation Handbookand then substantively reply to the following question in 200 words or more: “Should nurses with substance abuse disorders be allowed to provide direct patient care?”  In your response, discuss how theANA Code of Ethics for Nursesand theICN Code of Ethicsapplies to the situation. Be sure to review the Grading Rubric for important information.Module 2:Safety Assignment:Isolation PrecautionWhat is MRSA and how can it be spread from one patient to another? What precautions must the nurse take to prevent the spread of this organism?Team meetingDena suggests that urinary catheters be removed as soon as possible. What is her rationale for this and why did the other nurses seem resistant to the idea?Infection Control TeamHow might the use of an inter-professional team work toward improved infection control in the hospital setting? Is there one in your professional setting?Patient Question about handwashingConsider how you will incorporate handwashing into your practice? Can you think of ways to reinforce this practice?Family memberCommunication with family is vital in nursing. How would you feel if you were the family member and were told that you needed to gown and glove every time you came to see your family member? How would you as the nurse reinforce to family the need to follow precaution policies?Dr. GreeneGive three examples of how nurses can assist in the prevention of hospital-acquired infections? Consider what you have seen on the video, your readings and the lecture on infection prevention.
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