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The following are some conceptual models and theories you may choose from; however, you may choose any nurse theorist:Betty Neuman -Dorothea Orem – Self-Care Deficit TheoryDorothy Johnson – Behaviorial System ModelFaye G. Abdallah – Patient-Centered Approaches TheoryFlorence Nightingale Environmental ModelHildegard Peplau – Interpersonal Process TheoryIda Jean Orlando – Nursing ProcessImogene King -Jean Watson – Nursing as Caring TheoryMadeleine Lininger – Theory of Culture Care Diversity and UniversalityMargaret Newman – Health Expanding ConsciousnessMartha Rogers – Science of Unitary of Human BeingNola PenderPatricia BennerRosemarie ParseSister Callista Roy – Adaptation ModelVirginia HendersonSteps to follow to do your critique (analysis and evaluation):Begin researching:You can visit theFitnewebsite to watch videos about the above mentioned theorist.You can use the Internet to find a journal or articles that provides an analysis and critique of a theory of nursing as a resource to start working with your own critique.Choose your theorist by logging intoFitneentering the following information:Username: medical center campusPassword: medicalUnder the Nurse Theorists: Portraits of Excellence (Volume I) link select the theorist of your choiceOn the left navigation area select a topic to viewYour critique paper must address the five (5) topics as shown in theNursing Critique Rubric (MP3)Nursing Critique Rubric (MP3) – Alternative Formats.Be typed according to the APA style1.  Describe the main ideas of the theory (should include the assumptions under which the theory operates).2.  What are the main concepts?3.  What are the main relationships between the concepts?4.  How do different concepts affect each other?1.  What was going on in the profession of nursing or in American society that may have influenced the theory?2.  What values, theories, evidence, and/or existing knowledge did the theorist cite as support for the theory?3.  What motivated the theorist to write the theory?4.  What approach to theory development did the theorist use?1.  How useful is this theory in practice?2.  Is the theory practical and helpful to nursing?3.  Does it contribute to understanding and predicting outcomes?4.  Cite an example/case study where this theory could be used.1.  How testable is this theory?2.  Has this theory generated research? How many and what types of studies?3.  Give one example of a study done using the theory4.  What types of statements are the propositions?1.  Is the theory comprehensive and specific?2.  How general is the theory?3.  Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the theory.4.  Why would you use or not use this theory in your own advanced practice?PLEASE REVIEW THE ATTACHMENT.
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