Topic: Use of Incentive spirometer after surgeryDirections:1) During your first three clinical days, choose one of your clients that has a condition you find interesting. Based on that client’s condition, locate a nursing protocol that would address either the condition or adverse effects of the condition. For example; you choose a client that is recovering from recent abdominal surgery. You decide to look for a protocol that would encourage early ambulation.2) Research the literature (current peer-reviewed nursing journals) (**Hint: check the references of the protocol) and locate a research article that supports the protocol.3)  Compose a 500 (two pages) word essay answering the questions below. Include a brief introduction that includes why you chose the protocol and, thus, the research article. Be sure to use APA formatting (title page, body, reference page) and to include your references in APA format.Questions to answer:Description of the StudyWhat was the purpose of the study?Literature EvaluationIs there evidence of a literature review that provides support for the study?SampleWhat patients were eligible to participate in this study?Methods and DesignWhat was the study design and when were data collected?What are some limitations related to the study design?ResultsWhat were the findings of this study?Were any of the findings surprising? If so, why?Clinical SignificanceHow does this study support the chosen protocol?What are the implications of this research for clinical practice, in particular, for your patient?
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