Lewin’s Change Management Theory is a standard theory used by nurses across specialty areas for various quality improvement plans to modify care at the bedside (Wojciechowski et al., 2016). According to new research, Lewin’s Change Management Model consists of three key phases: unfreeze, change, refreeze. These steps refer to the three-stage process of change that he describes. The first phase, unfreezing, involves preparing the team or unit to accept that change is necessary, which involves breaking down (melting) the existing status quo before introducing a new way of operating. Developing a compelling message to exhibit why there must be a change is critical. The second phase of change occurs when people begin exploring new ways of accomplishing tasks or improving the old ways. Refreezing, the third step of the model, is when the new changes have taken shape and those who are practicing the advancements are embracing the updated policies (Lewin’s Change Management Model: Understanding the Three Stages of Change, n.d.).Healthcare systems must be adaptive to maintain equilibrium and survive as change is a constant (Wojciechowski et al., 2016). Using Lewin’s Change Model is an excellent approach to introduce best practices to guarantee willing participation and understanding from those involved. Change, in general, can be scary or unpredictable to some. People need time to understand the how and why of changes, and they also need to feel deeply connected to the group throughout the transition period (Lewin’s Change Management Model: Understanding the Three Stages of Change, n.d.). Giving time and support through a hands-on approach would ensure a smooth transition to new practices. According to Wojciechowski et al. (2016), Lewin’s change theory has a few criticisms. Lack of accountability for the cooperation of individuals or groups involved and a failure to address the complex processes of change are among the critiques. As evidenced by this study, Lewin’s model should be used in conjunction with other models to ensure a comprehensive strategy to introduce and implement change. Additional models would compensate for these shortcomings.
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