Nursing  N.T.

Course : Nursing TheoryDiscussionPlease ensure that you have commenced your reading assignments. This week we are going over Chapters three and four in your Smith & Parker textbook.Chapter 3: Choosing, Evaluating and Implementing Nursing Theories for PracticeChapter 4: Florence Nightingale for Caring and its ApplicationsDiscussion Posts Due: Saturday @ 2359Refer to the class syllabus for grading guidelines.Discussion Posts:Each student must be actively engaged in course discussions. Each student must post one original post weekly with a minimum of 250 words addressing the assigned question or topic of the week. Postings must be original, clear and relevant to the weekly assigned course topic. Weekly postings must also contain 2 peer-reviewed reference articles/sources that are to be used to support posting. Students must also create 2 response posts of at least 150 words that are relevant to and addresses 2 other student’s original posting regarding the specified discussion topic.Thus, in total students are to post a total of 3 posts weekly: one original and 2 responses.
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