Nursing  Musculoskeletal system

Week 10Chapter: 21Musculoskeletal SystemSuperficial muscles of the trunk, anterior viewA woman pregnant for the first time tells you that she is in excellent health and asks you why it is necessary to increase her calcium intake during her pregnancy. What should you tell this patient?How is the true bone formed during fetal development?What can help slow the progression of musculoskeletal changes associated with aging?You are observing an examiner take the history of a 70-year-old man as part of the musculoskeletal examination. You notice that the examiner asks the patient about exercise habits in his early years. Is this a relevant question to ask this patient? Why or why not?A young woman is concerned about a 1-cm difference in the length of her legs. What is the best response to give this patient?Which test is used to detect a torn medial or lateral meniscus?A 12-year-old boy has injured his right leg in an automobile accident. If the epiphysis is damaged, what can eventually occur?What does the bulge sign look to detect?A positive Tinel sign is suggestive of which disorder?What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?What are the risk factors for sports injury?JB is a 43-year-old patient who presents to the office with complaints of back pain. She states that the pain started a few months ago as a dull ache, and now she feels that it has progressed to her hands, feet, and hips. The patient is obese and has a family history of joint pain. You have diagnosed her with osteoarthritis.1- Describe the etiology of osteoarthritis.2- Differentiate between signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.3- Because JB is having pain in her back, describe an indicator of a weakened muscle group.
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