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This week, you will write a mini-scientific literature review. It is mini because you will only be reviewing two sources.For this literature review assignment, we are going to give you a choice of three topics to choose from. Choose one for this assignment.COPD: treatment protocolsAsthma: corticosteroids use in children and side effectsDKA: treatment protocolsRemember, in a scientific review, focus your analysis on author’s hypothesis (thesis), scientific method used in the research, and the results of the study presented. In a scientific literature review, the reviewer (you) identifies what he/she perceives as the strengths and weaknesses of the study, and analyzes the author’s findings and conclusions.For this review, be sure to:Select two relevant and appropriate scholarly articles that address the topic you chose.Present a thorough literature review of both articles by summarizing, synthesizing, and evaluating the materials.Demonstrate understanding of the content presented in the articles.Include a critical assessment of the sources. Do not simply include a summary of what you have read.Incorporate citations into your body paragraphs; incorporate the essential and most relevant supporting evidence eloquently and appropriately.Present your writing in a clear, organized manner.Provide a strong introduction and conclusion, including further questions for research.Use proper APA format with proper citations.Review APA Citations HereYour literature review should be 2–3 pages in length. Remember, you will need to use APA formatting in your literature review and include a title page and a reference page.
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