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Problem• Background on problem includes history and why a priority for this issue.• Problem-focused and/or knowledge-focused triggers developed.Theoretical Foundation• Theory choice is the most appropriate for problem.• Primary source of theorist used.• Theory linkage to PICOT element(s) evident via text /image/diagram.• Includes nurse theorist name, model, images, and one or more linked concepts.Cottingham, S., Dibartolo, M., Battistoni, S., & Brown, T. (2011). Partners in Nursing: A Mentoring initiative to enhance nurse retention. Nursing Education Perspective, 32(4), 250–255.Galletta, M., Portoghese, I., Aviles Gonzales, C. I., Melis, P., Marcias, G., Campagna, M., Minerba, L., & Sardu, C. (2017). Lack of respect, role uncertainty and satisfaction with clinical practice among nursing students: the moderating role of supportive staff. Acta bio-medica : Atenei Parmensis, 88(3S), 43–50., C. A. (2010). TRANSFORMING PRELICENSURE NURSING EDUCATION: Preparing the New Nurse to Meet Emerging Health Care Needs. Nursing Education Perspectives (National League for Nursing), 31(6), 347–353.Sanford, P. G., & Tipton, P. H. (2016). Is nursing preceptor behavior changed by attending a preceptor class?. Proceedings (Baylor University. Medical Center), 29(3), 277–279., C. R., Gillespie, G. L., Brown, K. C., & Grubb, P. L. (2016). Seeing Students Squirm: Nursing Students’ Experiences of Bullying Behaviors During Clinical Rotations. The Journal of nursing education, 55(9), 505–513., N., Molazem, Z., Sharif, F., Torabizadeh, C., & Kalyani, M. N. (2016). The Challenges of Nursing Students in the Clinical Learning Environment: A Qualitative Study.  The Scientific World Journal, 2016, 1-7.
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