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1200 words health policy Public Health Preparedness, Medicaid, CHIP medical errors, and MedicareAnswer all questions in part 1andaddress the ‘aha moment’-part 2 for the week.  use the attached textbook and at least 4 other sources.Be sure to cite resources!Part 1:Question A:  Chapter 11 – A) 200 words- Discuss the similarities and differences between Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare. Provide example of what each program covers.B) 200 words- What new information did you learn regarding health care coverage in The United States, Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare?Question B: Chapter 12—a) 200 words- Discuss the scope of AND the causes of medical errors.b) Has there been improvement over time?c) Why or Why not?Question C:  Chapter 13 – A) 200 words- Describe what Public Health Preparedness is. Summarize one research article that speaks on public health preparedness in The United States.B) 200 words – Pick an example of a threat to public health and summarize all the ways that it can affect the public provide specific example of these ways. What are possible solution to such threats?Part 2:  200 words- Address your ‘a-ha moment’ for this week: Something that was a realization for the week that really opened your eyes, changed your perceptions and/or something that you know that you will remember forever. Topics to consider include Public Health Preparedness, Medicaid, CHIP medical errors, and Medicare.
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