Nursing discussions

Nursing discussions

Write 2 paragraphs for each prompt.

Use at least one scholarly source and evidence-based research in support of your ideas.

Nursing Advanced Pharmacology 

1.Discuss the development of new drugs in the United States as compared to other countries, and evaluate the pharmacoeconomic issues that lead to high prescription costs in the United States

2. Discuss the pharmacological aspects of Benzodiazepine . Give examples of how and when this drug is used.

Nursing Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology 

 1.Describe the clinical manifestations, similarities, and differences of the following vitamin deficiencies: niacin, riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6,pantothenic acid (B5), biotin, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin D.

2.Discuss the inherited mutation genes BRCA and BRCA 2, their prevalence, risks for different cancers, and recommended surveillance screenings for those with a confirmed genetically inherited mutation

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