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Create a PowerPoint presentation. Choose a culture that you feel less knowledgeable about and address the following prompts by including three examples of each bullet point:• Compare and contrast this culture with your own culture.• Provide examples of the historical, socioeconomic, political, educational, and topographical aspects of this culture.• Report the appropriate interdisciplinary interventions for hereditary, genetic, and endemic diseases and high-risk health behaviors within this culture.• Determine the influences of their value systems on childbearing and bereavement practices.• Name their sources of strength, spirituality, and magico-religious beliefs associated with health and health care.• Outline health-care practices, including acute versus preventive care; barriers to health care; the meaning of pain and the sick role; and traditional folk medicine practices.• Identify cultural issues related to learning styles, autonomy, and educational preparation of content for this culture.ExpectationsLength: 20 slides; answers must thoroughly address the questions in a clear, concise manner.  Include at least six scholarly sources. verifiable references within 5 years. APA formatTitle: 1 slideCompare and contrast cultures: at least 3 slidesProvide examples of the historical, socioeconomic, etc. aspects of culture: at least 2 slidesReport interdisciplinary interventions: at least 2 slidesDetermine influences on childbearing and bereavement: at least 2 slidesName sources of strength, spirituality, etc.: at least 2 slidesOutline health care practices: at least 2 slidesIdentify learning styles/educational preparation: at least 2 slidesReferences: 2 slides
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