COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT GROUP PRESENTATION & RUBRIC  CITY OF RICHARDSON TEXASPURPOSE: This assignment is to orient students to the community used for the community health nursing clinical. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, students will also incorporate important aspects of public health nursing related to the pandemic and its effect on the community.The assignment is to be completed in groups (as assigned) virtually and will require time outside of the clinical day for completion. This assignment is due in Week 4. You will present your findings, orally, in a group seminar during our last clinical day. Please use the following guidelines to complete your community assessment.1. While virtually navigating to your designated community area, using Google Earth: a. Did you identify different small communities? How did they differ?b. Could you identify boundaries for different communities? (ex: were thereobvious separations between communities?)2. After arrival in the designated community:a.  What evidences of a minority culture do you see? How does this affect theenvironment? (Are there advertising billboards, graffiti, etc., that reflect ethniccharacteristics of community?)b.  Who do you see on the streets: elderly, young males, children, and women?(Indications of unemployment, constituencies, etc.)c.  What industries are represented in the community?d.  What would it be like to live in the community?e.  Is public transportation available?f.  How far to supermarkets and shopping centers?g.  What Type of Housing do you seei.Where are “For Sale” signs?ii. Do you think people rent or own the housing?h.  What is the socio-economic status of this community?i.  What recreational facilities are there in the area?j.  What kind of churches do you see in this area?k.  What potential environmental hazards did you identify?3. What are the medical facilities in this area Doctor Offices. Any Evidence that physicians reflect the ethnic background of the population? How accessible are the medical facilities?4. Find a community center, a senior citizens center, and the Chamber of Commerce closest to the city you are assessing. Complete online research. What other community resources are available in the area?5.  Develop five key questions that you would ask an adult living in this community to learn more about the community (ex: employment, healthcare, gossip, informal communication methods). Be very specific to your community.
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