Nursing  Caring for a pediatric Burn patient

Missy is 3 years old. She enjoys being with mom and grandma in the kitchen.  She pulls a chair close to the stove, climbs on the chair, and looks inside the pot of boiling water. The steam is hot on her face, she steps back and as she falls off the chair, the boiling water is pulled down on her. Missy is rushed to the emergency department. Grandma has put some butter on her fingers, but her face was not treated.Review the Rule of Nines found on page 1239.In  the ED, the nurse discovers that her hands, face, chest, and arms are burned. The Dr. believes it to be a partial-thickness burn, but notes her hands are blistered and very edematous.Provide nursing care to this young patient that is complaining of pain, crying,  and uncooperative. Educate the mother and grandmother on the extent of the burn and the on-going care that will be needed.Include medication you may wish to request from the physician and the dosage.Rubric:1.  Fully explains the rule of 9’s. What is it? Why is it used? Use it on Missy and share the findings.2.  Based on the information in the Discussion the student correctly identifies ONE nursing diagnosis (and all required parts) AND identifies  ONE goal written in SMART format.3.  Describes THREE interventions the nurse should implement based off of the nursing diagnosis and goal making sure to consider pediatric and family needs. These interventions should be things a nurse can implement without a provider order.4.  Describes THREE medications you would expect the provider to order for this client with burns and the correct dosage.5.  The student lists all references in text and on the reference page. Uses a minimum of 3 scholarly articles less than 6 years old
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