NUR 531 Project 3 | Nursing Homework Help Service

NUR 531 Project 3 | Nursing Homework Help Service

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Utilize strategies to lead an interprofessional approach to care

A critical function of MSN-prepared nurses is to be effective interprofessional team members. Ineffective teamwork may lead to adverse events and a potential to increase healthcare costs related to waste and duplication. Interprofessional teams function at a higher level than collaboration and sharing ideas. There is an integration of skills, knowledge, and values in the work carried out together with professionals, healthcare workers, patients, and families to improve health outcomes. The interprofessional approach can be viewed in systems theory and illustrated as a process. From your undergraduate studies, you may be familiar with the theory of group process that includes forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Effective interprofessional teams are built from this underlying theory. Once a need has been identified for an interprofessional team, the team members are decided, a team charter is created, the interprofessional collaboration is carried out, and the team success can be evaluated.
Nurses are often positioned to take the lead in managing interprofessional teams. However, even if not leading a particular team, utilizing strategies for positive team functioning as a participant is equally important. To get started on mastering these team skills, this project will have you review the purpose and outcomes of teams and how they work.
For this project, you will assume the role of MSN-prepared nurse planning to initiate an interprofessional team concerning one of the following topics. The list contains various possible teams needed to review policies, practices, and/or organizational functions. (Choose one):

Policies for renewals or updates for best practices related to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
Bi-annual budget proposals to maximize resources
Policies to increase clinic efficiencies and remove any role confusion related to vaccine administration in a well-clinic where family nurse practitioners (FNPs) and clinic RNs give immunizations to patients
Policies for renewals or updates related to lab specimens
Potential changes to the BSN clinical site orientation related to content that prepares student nurses for their first clinical placement

Using a storyboard in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, present the process (i.e., tell the story) for creating an interprofessional team based on the chosen topic. As the first step to begin to form the team, you are creating a presentation. This storyboard presentation will be presented to potential team members so that they understand why the team is being created and to what purpose the team has.
The outcome is to have a plan to formulate a team to address the situation chosen.
Create a storyboard in the form of a PowerPoint presentation using speaker notes. Include three sources to support your claims. Specifically, include the following in your presentation:

Develop effective teams. The first task is to identify appropriate members to be part of the team and their role on the team.
Understand how teams work. An efficient team starts functioning with a team charter.
Plan to evaluate team outcomes. All proposed projects, such as one of these team projects, should have a plan to evaluate team success.

What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit the following:
Storyboard Presentation Your submission should be a 3-to 6-slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, including title and resource slides. Sources should be cited according to APA style.
Topic for focus: Policies for renewals or updates for best practices related to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

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