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Public health officials can play a huge part in disaster planning and emergency preparedness.
Evaluate your community or state disaster response plan. Ensure you:

Identify nursing roles and responsibilities during each phase of disaster management. Consider:
Evaluate your community or state’s plan for preparedness and disaster management:
Does it include provisions for each phase of preparedness and disaster planning?
Does it clearly account for community needs?
Does the plan include evidence of thought beyond the written report?
Is there evidence of a record-keeping system for resources, treatment, and identification of victims?
Are there redundancies built into the plan if one option fails? Are backup plans in place?
Analyze your community or state’s plan for addressing mass casualty situations.

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed and 1 evidence-based reference.
Include APA-formatted citations and a references page.
Exception for presentations: Include a slide with APA-formatted references.
Format your assignment as one of the following:

7- to 10-slide presentation
1- to 2-minute podcast
7- to 10-minute oral presentation
350- to 525-word paper
Legal-sized infographic
Another format approved by your instructor

Submit your assignment.

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