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Mrs. Porter’s mother is a feisty, independent 86-year-old widow by the name of Mary Brown. Mary Brown still lives in her own home, with a few hours of home support twice a week. Mary comes into the long-term care facility to attend the day care program every Wednesday. You are an HCA working in the Day Care program this Wednesday when both Mrs. Porter and Mary Brown arrive.When Mrs. Porter brought Mary in this morning they were arguing. It was very apparent to you that the issue was related to Mrs. Porter wanting her mother to sell her little house and accept permanent placement at the facility. Mary was adamant that she did not want this, and felt she was still managing fine in her home, with some help.A little later that morning, while you are alone with Mary, giving her a tub bath, she “swears you to silence “and confides in you that she is having more frequent memory lapses, and is sometimes forgetting to eat. You are aware of the need to maintain client confidentiality, but you also recognize that to ignore the ethical concept of beneficence and keep silent may well endanger Mary’s life.Questions1. Analyze the scenario. To do this you should list the various aspects of the scenario and then prioritize them according to how you think you would act?2. Now discuss the rights of the HCA.3. Now discuss the rights of Mary Brown as patient4. Now discuss the rights of others e.g., patient’s family, other patients, other caregivers? Plagiarism Free Papers
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