New Acquisition Processes In DoD Instruction 5000.02

New Acquisition Processes In DoD Instruction 5000.02

New Acquisition Processes In DoD Instruction 5000.02

create an essay evaluating the new acquisition processes in DoD Instruction 5000.02. Analyze the degree DoD 5000.02 creates better clarification, simplification, and more user-friendly, DoD acquisition procedures than those of the 1980s Goldwater-Nichols Act.

I need a five page essay. Using scholarly articles and class reading to develop discussion points.

Format to the APA style guide.

Classroom materials attached:

DuHadway, D., Harris, H., Naroski Merker, M., & Smith, S. (2017). Reimagining Defense Business Acquisition. (cover story). Defense AT&L, 46(5), 2-7.

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