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This is a simple 2.5 page double spaced research paper on 3 neurotransmitters and their effects on behaviour. This is for a introduction to psychology class for a community college. More description in the file attachment. I need two of these research paper done, one for me and one for another person. I will pay $15 for one and $35 for both. I need this done in by 10/08/2014 12:30pm PDT. Los angeles time.
Include at least three references that should be listed on a reference page and foramtted in accoradance with APA guidlines. Acceptable references include the following : authors name; title; name of scientific journal in which article was published; year of publication. Wikipedia is not acceptable. Begin with an introductory and end with a Summary paragraph.

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Question: select three (3) neurotransmitters of the brain and describe their specific effects on behaviour.
· minimum 2.5 pages. Max 3 pgs
· double spaced, 1″ margin all sides
· Use APA format. No abstract page needed
· list and cite reference
· typed, no spelling errors. will be check for plagirism.
This is a introduction to psychology class in a community college. its a simple 2.5 page double spaced research paper. No need for advanced explanations that a introduction to psychology class student cant do.
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