Neurotransmitter in pre teens.

Write about neurotransmitters in a 12 years is accessible to a 12-year old (a middle school student). Envisage that the student is wondering about what is going on in his or her body in terms of love chemicals (friendship love, romantic love, passionate love). Leave out any age-inappropriate information.
Advice: When you complete the “Write for Children” assignment, remember that you are (in theory) writing for middle school children. These are young people about to enter puberty and the teen years (some may already have entered puberty). Try to recall when you were in middle school. Or if you were not in middle school (because you were home schooled or attended a school that went through eighth grade), try to remember what you were like back then. Then write to that person. What does that person want to know about love and the chemicals that are starting to run wild in their bodies? Speak their language. This is the one exception to “write at the college level.” In this assignment you should be writing as if you were writing a children’s book, or as if you were a biology or psychology teacher in middle school. Think like the kids.
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