Nelson Mandela and Angelo Monzilo management assignment help

Assignment from nickkynickky
Select two historical leaders. One who was known for making a positive contribution in a leadership role, and the other who made a negative contribution in a leadership role (one good leader and one bad leader). I chose NELSON MADELA (GOOD LEADER) and ANGELO MONZILO (BAD LEADER)
1. Each leader must be, or have been a business or world leader (each leader) from 1960 to the present. 2. Provide three separate reasons (with referenced examples) to justify the reason they were a good, or bad leader. 3. Identify, compare, and contrast the two different leadership styles of each one. Be sure to add applicable leadership theories and concepts. 4. The research paper must be 6 pages of written text (not including the cover page and reference page), roughly 1500-2000 words. 5. You must include at least three outside references for each leader, for a total of six references (minimum) for the research paper. The text may be used as a reference but it will not count toward the six required sources.

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