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Comparative Analysis Paper
Students will be required to research and analyze the cultural dimensions, imperatives, and other factors covered in this course that shape the communication styles of two cultures.The cultures must be approved by the professor.Students will compare and contrast similarities and differences in cultural communication. Papers must be 6-8 pages, double-spaced, using 12-point font.Papers require APA style.
Based on my conversations with several of you, there is a slight modification to the research requirement. You are to develop expertise during your analysis of two cultures and communication. You will do this through what you read and your first-hand exploration (your own primary research).
To be successful on this assignment, you will have:
1. No less than FOUR scholarly (peer-reviewed) secondary sources (not including the class e-book) are required. These can be text books or journal articles found in databases.
2. One primary research method where you gather information with your own senses. You must include the data you gather from your primary research. This must be a new experience where you gather information; do not use a past experience..
A primary research method can include:
A. Naturalistic observations
B. Interviews
C. Survey/questionnaires
D. Focus group
E. Experiment
3. Prepare a short talk (no longer than 3 minutes) about your most meaningful findings.
You will deliver your talk in class. You may use two visuals.
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