need help with paper 23

In a bullet-ed format…
1. Explain expressive and receptive language.
2. What should a teacher do to help a child whose 2nd language is English?
3. How can using sign language help a child’s language development?
4. What is remarkable about a 4 – 8 month’s old long term memory?
5. List the 12 strategies that should be used to develop language considering that language development involves, reading, writing, listening and speaking.
6. Look up on the internet , 5 useful signs that can be used for an infant and toddler. View the video “Cute Signing Baby” found in modules unit 7. After viewing the video and researching signs on line, which five signs do you think would be the most helpful to aide a infant/toddler to communicate its needs?
7. What is a language delay and when should you be alerted to contact Early Intervention?

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