need help with my essay 4

I want one page essay and the ditals is below. My industry is food
What a company says about it’s culture and what that culture actually looks like can be very different depending on how that culture is experienced. What are companies in your specific focus area saying about their culture and what are their employees saying?

Find examples of corporate messaging around culture citing specific examples of what companies say internally and externally in regard to their culture.
Find specific examples of what employees at these companies say in regard to the corporate culture. Does what the employees have to say support or conflict with what the companies say about their culture? Cite specific examples.
What opportunities exist for organizations to evolve their culture based on employee feedback?

In response to weekly readings and a writing prompt, you will submit a concise, written response reflecting your shared take-aways and reactions to topics and considerations presented. This response will focus on applying concepts to the industry sector that you have decided to focus on as well as examples of real organizations which you chose to highlight. In this discussion you will substantiate your position by referencing relevant sources and by linking to (at least two) resources that you research in order to substantiate your response. These references may be news article, blog posts, journal articles, current events, etc.
This written response should be at least one and a half pages in length and will be submitted through Canvas where you may author your response or upload a file. The assignment counts for a maximum of 50 points.
Each project team will submit one response and be prepared to discuss their response in-class during the following class meeting.

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