need help with discussion 90

need help with discussion 90

1) Prior to beginning this discussion, read Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices (Links to an external site.), as well as this week’s weekly lecture.
A company’s Human Resource Manager plays a very important role in both the hiring and termination of employees. The HR Manager needs to understand the laws and how to properly document hiring and firing. For this discussion, you will locate a recent unlawful termination case within the last two years and address the following elements:

Provide a brief overview of the chosen unlawful termination case.

Evaluate the Defendant’s (employer) issues/mistakes in termination of Plaintiff (employee).

Explain the procedures used by the EEOC in investigating and handling the case.
Analyze the potential sanctions/punishments that the Court may impose on the employer for non-compliance for lawful termination for the specific case you chose.

2) Prior to beginning this discussion, review this week’s weekly lecture. Many employers today are asking employees to sign an agreement that requires mandatory ADR for work related disputes prior to commencing employment. The ADR could be mediation or arbitration. In your initial post, evaluate the pros and cons of mandatory ADR provisions in an employment contract and set forth reasons why so many employers are now requiring ADR provisions. Do you think employment should be contingent upon the employee signing the agreement? Support your evaluations using at least two scholarly and/or credible sources about the proposed amendments.
Your initial post must be three to four paragraphs in length.
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